Brake Inspection


If you hear a high-pitched squeal or harsh grinding sound when you apply your brakes, that is an indication that you might need new brake pads or even new rotors.  Allow our certified technicians to inspect your brakes this season.


  • Removing your wheels
  • Inspect your brake pads and Rotors
  • Check brake fluid levels

Brake Caliper and Pin Service

Starting at $66.50/axle

All services associated with proper function of your brakes are important. In addition to safety issues, ignoring small repairs can quickly lead to more serious (and more expensive) problems


  • Remove and clean brake caliper of rust and debris
  • Lube caliper pins and slides

Brake Fluid Flush

Starting at $159.95     

As time passes, brake fluid becomes contaminated shortening the life of your vehicle's brake system components. In addition to the corrosive effect on components, brake fluid contaminated with moisture can cause a soft brake pedal, resulting in a potentially unsafe driving condition. 


  • Flushing current brake fluid
  • Replacing fluid
  • Check brake lines for leaks

The Importance of Maintaining Your Brakes

Here at Knauz Hyundai, your Hyundai dealer in Illinois, we believe that the most important safety features in your Hyundai are your brakes, so they need to be taken care of. Not only will they stop your vehicle during emergencies, but they also communicate with your steering system, engine, four-wheel-drive system and the anti-locking system while stabilizing your level of control as you drive. Your brakes are useful during harsh or stormy weather conditions and help you stay stable as you travel around Lake Bluff or other areas in Illinois. The system is based on two features which work together: the brakes themselves and the hydraulic fluid which pressurizes them. The brakes of your Hyundai in Lake Bluff will wear down due to friction and your hydraulic fluid will become contaminated by taking on water as time goes on. This will lead to the performance of your brake system becoming impaired, which means the brakes will not be as responsive.

Hyundai Brake Services

Our service department at Knauz Hyundai, your local Hyundai dealer in Illinois, encourages our customers to regularly bring their Hyundai vehicles into our dealership and have their brakes inspected. If you hear a high-pitched squeal or harsh grinding sound when you apply your brakes, that is an indication that you might need new brake pads or even new rotors. Vibrations when you press your brake pedal could mean your rotors are warped, and there might be a leak in the brake system if you find yourself having to push your brake pedal lower than normal. That is where our factory-trained service technicians at Knauz Hyundai, your local Hyundai dealership, come in, and we are ready to work on your Hyundai in Lake Bluff. We understand that your braking system was specifically engineered to your Hyundai's unique design and we have the experience to thoroughly look over every inch of it. We will resolve any issue you have, replace your parts with OEM components and get you back on the road in no time. The brake services we have at Knauz Hyundai include:

Need Brake Service? Contact Us Today!

  • Removing your wheels
  • Replacing your brake pads
  • Disassembling your brake system (if needed)
  • Replacing your brake rotors
  • A complimentary multi-point inspection of your Hyundai in Lake Bluff
  • A complimentary car wash
  • Road testing your Hyundai to check whether your brakes are properly functioning and to verify our work is complete
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