Dual Clutch Transmission

At Knauz Hyundai, your Hyundai Lake Bluff home, we always want our clients to be aware of how much owning a Hyundai with a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) can change the way that you drive. Replacing the automatic transmission, the DCT is more or less two gearboxes that are controlled by solenoids, computers and hydraulics. They each handle the different gear sets of your model so that your transmission will never detach from your engine.

When you use the DCT, you get a smoother and quicker gear shift and improved fuel economy. Be sure to take a look at some facts that we have compiled about the DCT so you know what to expect when you use this feature.

  • You may hear some clicks when you turn your ignition off and on or when you shift into reverse or drive. This is perfectly normal with the DCT.

  • Your DCT utilizes two clutches that are controlled via electric clutch activators. A high-speed reversible motor moves these clutches, so you may hear a small hum, which is standard.

  • The Hillstart Assist Control has you covered when it comes time to handle a steep incline. When you take your foot from the brake pedal, your vehicle will stay where it is for two seconds and won't roll backwards. You can still use the accelerator within those two seconds. If you wait more than those two seconds, you will go into "creep mode" and you may start rolling backwards. So make sure that you use your foot brake to hold your Hyundai in Lake Bluff where it needs to be until you are ready to go.

  • When the DCT is working in Drive, there will be an indicator light in the center of your dashboard's instrument cluster. This light will blink when your clutch becomes overheated. In order to prevent damage, your clutch will be automatically released. If that happens, use your foot brake and wait a few minutes before you drive again. If you ignore these warning signs, it could lead to serious transmission damage.

Our team at Knauz Hyundai, your Hyundai Lake Bluff home, wants our customers to feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries that they may have about the DCT. Come test drive your new Hyundai with DCT today!


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