Have You Been Ignoring the Brake Light on Your Dashboard?

Drivers know that brakes are important, but shockingly a large number of drivers ignore the warning signs of a failing brake system. When your brake light comes on, it’s time to bring your automobile in for an inspection. Our service center is ready to help. Many drivers are unaware of the fact that their brake system can begin to fail long before the dashboard warning light appears. There are lots of ways to recognize a failing brake system:

  • Grinding or squealing noise as the brakes are applied
  • Spongy feeling as you press on the brake pedal
  • Vibrations or shaking as you attempt to brake
  • The automobile pulls to one side during braking

A professional should check your brakes annually or every 12,000 miles to be on the safe side. Our team at Knauz Hyundai will perform a rigorous check of your brakes, and we’ll repair any problems we find. Visit our service center right away.

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