Vehicle Tire Selection: Which Ones Are Right for You?

Our service experts here at Knauz Hyundai are passionate about tires and which ones are right for you and your vehicle. There is a wide selection of tires out there, for all kinds of terrain and driving conditions. Choosing the right ones can be a bit overwhelming, and we would love to help with that, so here are a few types we would be happy to set you up with.

  • If you live in an area with multiple terrain types including gravel roads, sand will sweep highways or regular snow-covered driveways then the on/off-road all-terrain tires may be for you. Mainly used for trucks and SUVs, these tires will keep you rolling smoothly in most any conditions.
  • If your ride is a van or other passenger vehicle, you may want to equip it with passenger all-season tires. These wheels are a dependable choice for extended trips and provide excellent wear and driver comfort.
  • If you are constantly in stop and go traffic on the way to work or some other destination, you may consider low-profile tires. These are rated for high performance and will shorten stopping distance. Low-profile wheels have a better grip as well, making turns easier and increasing vehicle stability.

No matter what tires you choose, our staff members would be happy to assist you from choosing to install. Just roll in to our location in Lake Bluff, IL, and we can have you rolling out in no time to handle those road conditions with confidence!

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