Taking Long Road Trips with a Pet

Traveling with a pet can be troublesome if you are not planning accordingly. Thanks to the pet owner expertise that our staff can offer at Knauz Hyundai, it can be easier than ever to travel with the family cat or dog. Consider a few of these road trips tips for driving with a pet on board.

  • A crate is the safest way to travel with a pet. Place plenty of blankets at the bottom and cover it with shade and a safe place to rest during the long drives.
  • Speak with the vet who sees your pet about medication that can be used to calm your pet during these type journeys.
  • Do not leave the pet in the vehicle for any reason unattended.
  • Place your pet's collar on them before you leave and never take it off, you never know if the pet can get away from you.
  • Always put a leash on your pet before they get out of the car in unfamiliar surroundings.

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