Maintaining Your Car in the Fall Season

It's hard to imagine that summer has already passed us by. And between extreme heats, fluctuating temperatures, and long summer drives, the warmer months can take a toll on your vehicle. If summer activity has caused some wear and tear to your vehicle, it may be time to bring it into us at Knauz Hyundai for an autumn tune-up. It's best to get your car checked out before the coming winter months.

If you've traveled far and wide for summer vacation or to see relatives, you may have increased the mileage drastically on your odometer. This means you are probably due to for another oil change or other regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly. Or months of intense heat may mean that you are running out of coolant or other essential fluids under the hood.

At our convenient location in Lake Bluff, IL, our team of experts can easily assess your vehicle and see what regular maintenance may need to be done. Stop in and learn more at 775 Rockland Road today!

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